Curate My Life: Classic Film

I know, I know. It’s been an age since I’ve updated this website. Completely my fault. Sorry.

It’s not that nothing has happened in the past year and a half (a lot has! I’ve put together a separate post about it!). It’s just that, for one reason or another, I haven’t had time – or motivation to blog much. But this changed when my friend Margaret Perry posted on Twitter about a project she is doing with her classmates at the University of York called #CurateMyLife. The objective, she explains, is to “connect the public with a sense of heritage and to see how their lives contribute to our understanding of culture.” The topic through which she has invited participants to share their personal sense of heritage is classic film. Fun, right?

Unfortunately, I’m not able to tick off every box as the majority of my classic film collection is back in California with my parents. (I moved back to London last September for a Museum Studies course and am set to stay long-term – more on that in the next post!) But here are some photos of things I do have with me, as well as a few unforgettable classic film-related memories.