Ava Gardner on FilmStruck

Ava Gardner publicity for The Bible

Ava Gardner on FilmStruck

Ava Gardner is featured as Star of the Week on FilmStruck, TCM’s online streaming service! Anthony and I had the honor of filming the commentary track for a short documentary feature to supplement the selection of Ava’s films. This was my second stint for FilmStruck – the first being when they curated a selection of early Vivien Leigh films last autumn.

Although I have done several TV and radio spots, as well as some public speaking, I still get nervous and can’t quite believe people think of me as an expert, despite the hard work. Impostor syndrome is very real sometimes. But with each gig, I become more confident in myself. Now if only I can get rid of my Valley girl accent. Gnarly, man!

Catch the promo video for Ava Gardner: Behind the Allure, or watch the full documentary and eight of Ava’s classic films on the FilmStuck website. For more of our work on Ava, purchase Ava: A Life in Movies (Running Press, 2017).

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