Photo Diary: Autumn in Hampstead

Last Sunday was a perfect day for an autumn photo walk. The fog was settling in and the bright fall colors are out in force, so I put on my coat and scarf, grabbed my camera, and trekked up to beautiful Hampstead in North London, where I was joined by my friend and Ava Gardner co-author, Anthony, and his partner Tony.


Photo Diary: Tower Hamlets Cemetery Park

It’s no secret that I’m a Victorian cemetery fan. Some people may find them eerie, and I get that, but I love the history quiet beauty. Plus, they make for nice atmospheric photographs.

London has some of the best old cemeteries in the world. Just over 200 years ago, the dead were all buried in inner-city churchyards, a situation that quickly got out of hand as the city’s population doubled in the early 19th century. To accommodate the new demand for space (and help combat disease), seven grand cemeteries were built on what were then the outskirts of the city. Today, they reside in zone 2.